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After a year of exploration, healing and cultivating connection in 2022, I began to experience the signs of burnout once again.  A planned end-of-year break morphed into the onset of a life threatening long term autoimmune condition.  As I navigate this new challenge, the connective Our Table experience is transforming into a space of expressive art, creating a space of protection and healing.

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Our Story

Throughout human history we gathered, protected, birthed, transitioned, suffered and thrived within community. However, as we industrialized and placed an increasingly higher value on self-sufficiency, our communities became smaller and smaller. As our support systems shrank, the demands on each member increased.


Women continue to carry a substantial share of the load. We take on the primary role of the household, breadwinning and multigenerational caretaking. Every day is an Amazonian feat and yet never quite enough. As we expertly care for every soul around us, many of us wonder what has happened to our own.


When women are in community with one another, we experience a remembering. Within moments, we find ourselves sharing our hearts and scars and war stories. As we connect, we begin to tap into the power of our community and the recognition that we were never alone. We discover among us bottomless canyons of generous vulnerability, courage, compassion, and unbreakable resilience. We walk away in awe and renewed.


Our Table holds space for the alchemy of women in real life community. We create a set and setting for meaningful connection among women through food, drink and facilitated conversation. Gathering with intention, we cultivate the spiritual nourishment that makes us feel less alone and a little bit more alive.

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