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What I Know So Far... Motherhood

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Grab your kid’s hand. Walk them through the fires of their life.

Because our job is to teach them that they’re fireproof.

Glennon Doyle

I used to believe my role as a mother was to mold inert lumps of clay into productive members of society. Every experience, skill and interaction with the world was dependent on my ability, will and tenacity to design, sculpt and guide. All failures, therefore, directly traceable back to MY error in design and execution.

My kids have revealed to me, however, a new world order. Instead of inert (needy) lumps, I instead was gifted with fully animated humans, imbued with a potent lifeforce of their own brew. A lifeforce self-perpetuated by their own blessed spiritual design and transcendental knowing with the power to gently pull them toward the most beautiful existence possible.

I relearned my role as one of stewardship, not designer, of that which I have been gifted. In stewardship, I lean into creating and maintaining a container of sensations emboldening my daughter and son to remain in communion with their perfect lifeforce. In stewardship, I am commanded to align in trust with their Spirit even when, especially when, it shatters my understanding of the world and expectations for our lives.

I have come to realize every attempt to sculpt, mold and control fosters a distrust of their wise Knowing, and ultimately a distrust of my own. So now, I strive to cultivate a faith in the motivation of their lifeforce as one of virile loving connection, even in the face of disruptive and disconnective behaviors.

I look to redirect my overwhelming desire to sculpt and control, into building an ever-expanding capacity for uncertainty, trust, discomfort, and connection. Within their Selves, and more importantly, within my Self. My inclination to guide their journey, repurposed into amplifying the encoded yet wise messages from their lovingly impassioned Spirits. For their Selves, and more importantly, for my Self.

I now believe when we focus our efforts on remaining in communion with our own Lifeforce, Spirit, Knowing, Self, we move through the world from a place of ease propelled by radical love. I am now compelled to cocreate a space where our whole beautiful selves embody empowerment to LIVE out loud in perfect imperfection. I desire to support the launch of my children cloaked in perfectly fitting skin, no longer for the benefit of the world but in honor of our divine right.

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Shannon Stedman
Shannon Stedman
Aug 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful wisdom! Thank you for sharing!

Laura Kane-Punyon
Laura Kane-Punyon
Aug 02, 2023
Replying to

xoxo Thank you!

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