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PART III: Neocortex... Sense & Ego

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of God.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Only after running through the filters of our Reptilian and Limbic brains, does our conscious thinking brain finally have a chance at the inflow of information.

This portion of our brain is very new, in the evolutionary timeline, and is also very slow in processing as compared to the other brain layers. It is also where our ability for abstract cognition lies.

The difference in processing speed is a major inflection point. It is where our grind and consumer culture get us where it hurts. Already at a processing speed disadvantage, the analytical parts of our brain cannot keep up with the inflow of information with any kind of quality.

This is why awareness, mindfulness and slowing down, while meaningfully counterculture, are always the first steps to rebalancing an imbalanced ecosystem.

The neocortex is fluent in the language of sense and leads through Ego.

For as much flack as our Ego takes, she is also the part us we tend to put the most stock in. She is our intellect and our differentiation from other animals. She can reflect and analyze to influence change within our internal and external ecosystems.

It is when we believe that the entirety of the Mind Body schematic is comprised of the Ego that we start to get into trouble. When we believe our analytical intellectual thoughts are the end all be all of our existence. In reality, the neocortex and Ego can only be optimized when she is in balance and in communion with the limbic and reptilian brain systems. When the Ego has compassion for herself and respect for the other parts.

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